Links – Dec. 31, 2018

Young Inmates Say They Were Shipped Upstate, Held in Isolation and Beaten NYTimes Los Angeles Hires Substitutes in Preparation for Teacher Strike TruthDig War Trump Is Reportedly Pumping the Brakes on His Timetable for Removing […]


Links – Dec. 30, 2018

‘Pouring Salt Into the Wound’ Amid Shutdown, Trump Signs Executive Order Freezing Pay of Nearly 2 Million Federal Workers CommonDreams On the Northern Cheyenne Reservation, a family and a community respond to death of 14-year-old […]

Imperialism and global politics

West Bank rises after Israeli terror raids

Throughout 2018, Gaza’s struggle for survival has embodied Palestinian resistance to the world: from frequent Israeli bombings of homes, schools and hospitals inside the world’s largest open-air prison, to the now 11-year-long blockade that prohibits […]


Links – Dec. 29, 2018

Syrian army deploys to Manbij in new alliance with Kurds AFP None of Us Deserve Citizenship. On what moral grounds can we deny others rights, privileges and opportunities that we did not earn ourselves? Michelle Alexander A […]