November 30, 2021

Tuesday’s news links – Nov. 30, 2021

Win for Alabama Workers as NLRB Orders New Union Vote After Amazon’s Alleged Misconduct China makes billion-dose coronavirus vaccine pledge to Africa SCMP Latino cartoonist’s ‘TOONDEMIC’ fights COVID misinformation FDA nomination slips after Biden admin fails to […]

Around the world

Alarm bells over the Donbass

Alarm bells have been ringing in recent weeks over the threat of a new full-scale war in the Donbass, with senior U.S. and British officials claiming Russia is preparing to invade Ukraine. US intelligence officials […]


A tribute to Comandante Fidel Castro

Lars Bertling, Russell McClain and Sharon Black, three reporters for Struggle-La Lucha, members of the Socialist Unity Party, and representatives of the Baltimore Peoples Power Assembly, are participating in the 31st IFCO-Pastors for Peace U.S.-Cuba […]

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