Fight racism

Trump lays groundwork to steal election

The newly unleashed federal police force entered the Portland, Ore., area on Sept. 3 and assassinated anti-fascist activist and Black Lives Matter supporter Michael Reinoehl. Attorney General William Barr triumphantly announced: “Agitator removed.”  In the […]

Capitalist crisis

Election by coup?

With President Donald Trump ruling mainly by decree, there were many who thought his recent tweet about delaying the election meant that he intends to decree himself president for another four years. The purpose of […]


How Covid-19 shows U.S. dependence on workers

  Health care workers, nurses, farmworkers, transit operators, grocery store clerks, warehouse packers, delivery workers, truck drivers, dockworkers, restaurant order takers, call center workers, service and industrial workers form the backbone of the U.S. economy.  […]