November 21, 2019

Bolivia resists racist coup

On Nov. 19, the tenth day of the coup against legitimate, democratically elected Bolivian President Evo Morales, police and soldiers fired from helicopters into a crowd of protesters — Indigenous people, workers and peasants — […]


Open letter: Peoples of the world with Evo!

People’s organizations condemn U.S.-instigated coup in Bolivia We, allied anti-imperialist organizations and individuals across the world, condemn the rightwing coup against Indigenous President Evo Morales that forced him and other members of the Bolivian government […]


Another side of the Berlin Wall

Thirty years ago, a labor organization was on strike under very difficult conditions. This workers’ organization and its leadership were castigated by the corporate media. The bosses threatened, cajoled and bribed people to cross the […]

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The long shadow of the 1919 Chicago race riot

Chicago 1919

A city of struggle

The long shadow of the Chicago race riot, Part 8 The sudden death of Harold Washington in 1987 was a godsend to Chicago’s power structure. Most of Washington’s supporters wanted Alderman Timothy Evans to be […]

Chicago 1919

Never forget Fred Hampton

The long shadow of the Chicago race riot, Part 6 By 1960, Chicago’s Black community reached 813,000 people, nearly a quarter of the city’s total population. The Great Migration of African Americans continued until the […]

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