This socialist publication is dedicated to all working and poor people. We are committed to providing the tools of information necessary to counter the lies of U.S. imperialism and its corporate media paid for by the super-rich.

This publication is dedicated to exposing those who target us through their ownership of the land, the workplaces, equipment, and the machines that are vital to our existence but are used primarily to make profits and wars — while they warm our planet — and not to meet the needs of the people.

This publication is dedicated to its use as an organizing tool for all of those who wish to fight for people’s control of the economy, where our work or lack of it determines whether we live or die.

This publication is dedicated to helping to fight and win the battles of those who face the brunt of racism, police and ICE terror, sexism, patriarchy, and anti-LGBTQ+ oppression. It is our duty as Marxists to defend the right of self-determination for oppressed nationalities and our class. We support Indigenous resistance.

We understand that the building of solidarity, especially against racism, and with all of those victimized by capitalism, is a prerequisite for creating the strength necessary for our class to build the revolutionary movement in this country.

Oh, yes — this publication is dedicated to making revolution.

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