Mumia Abu-Jamal: After 100,000

What happens when the counter strikes 100,000? Nothing.  One hundred thousand American dead; that means, for all intents and purposes, nothing much. For does the counter stop counting? Or does it continue rolling on like […]

Political Prisoners

Locked up and locked down

April 10 — For nearly a month now, all prisoners in Pennsylvania state prisons — over 40,000 men and women — have been locked down. What does “locked down” mean? When I was on death […]

Political Prisoners

Chuck Africa goes home

For over 40 years, Chuck Sims Africa, member of the famed MOVE 9, veteran of the MOVE confrontation of Aug. 8, 1978, has been imprisoned in state joints across Pennsylvania, serving what is arguably an […]

Political Prisoners

Delbert Africa, free!

MOVE member Delbert Africa, held in prison since the confrontation of Aug. 8, 1978, has walked out of a Pennsylvania prison after 42 years. Delbert, in his 73rd year of life, came out to meet […]

Political Prisoners

Eddie Africa: Free!

Eddie Africa (front row right) at MOVE news conference after his release. SLL photos: Berta Joubert-Ceci June 23 — The news came through like a beam in the night: “Eddie Africa has been released today.” […]