October 26, 2021

Tuesday’s news links – Oct. 26, 2021

NYC Amazon Workers Officially File For A Union Vote Labor411 Major League Baseball work stoppage almost certain on Dec. 2 AP ‘Suicide Shifts,’ 7-Day Weeks Fuel Rare Flare-Up in U.S. Strikes Bloomberg NYC students struggle with ongoing school […]


Monday’s news links – Oct. 25, 2021

Buffalo Health Care Workers Are on Strike for Better Wages and Patient Safety Truthout Iowa labor leader says union, non-union workers pressing for better pay, benefits Radio Iowa Where Did 7 Million Workers Go? The Atlantic SEPTA workers are […]

In the U.S.

Our future vs. neoliberalism

In country after country around the world, people are rising up to challenge entrenched, failing neoliberal political and economic systems, with mixed but sometimes promising results. Progressive leaders in the U.S. Congress are refusing to back […]

Labor and strikes

Mobilizing in our own name

An interview with author and labor activist Clarence Thomas This season is being called #Striketober. Workers are showing their power by striking, and demanding better conditions. The release of the anthology, “Mobilizing in Our Own […]

Labor and strikes

Two, three, many Striketobers!

The U.S. working class is waking up angry and defiant. More than 100,000 workers are on strike from coast to coast. Here are some of the biggest battles that broke out during “Striketober”: 10,000 members […]



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