January 29, 2020
In the U.S.

Mike Pence’s KKK version of history

Vice President Mike Pence penned a poisonous piece on impeachment in the Jan. 17 Wall Street Journal. His article revives white supremacist myths about the Reconstruction period following the U.S. Civil War. The pseudo-historical op-ed […]


Friday’s news links – Jan. 24, 2020

France strikes French unions warn Macron pension strikes will drag on for months Reuters France braces for ‘Black Friday’ as Macron’s government formally unveils pension reforms France24 New strikes, protests as France unveils retirement bill […]


The U.S. road to war on China

The imperialist media reports all read the same, like they were written on the same computer. The Dec. 4 CNN report began: “The U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill Dec. 3 demanding a tougher […]

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The long shadow of the 1919 Chicago race riot

Chicago 1919

A city of struggle

The long shadow of the Chicago race riot, Part 8 The sudden death of Harold Washington in 1987 was a godsend to Chicago’s power structure. Most of Washington’s supporters wanted Alderman Timothy Evans to be […]