Covid-19: Weapons of mass incompetence

SLL photo: Sharon Black

April 6 — As of this writing, 10,000 people [in the U.S.] have died from the impact of the coronavirus, also known as Covid-19. Ten thousand! And unless I miss my guess, it ain’t over yet. That’s because the coronavirus is not slowing down. If anything, it’s picking up speed. 

Almost everything we’ve heard about the virus from the media during the first weeks is false or misleading. I’m not talking about the big idiots crowing about “It’s a hoax.” It’s not. 

Originally, it was a virus attacking old people. We now know better. Young people, including children and even infants, have succumbed to this disease. There was an old woman in Italy who contracted the virus. She was sick, and then recovered. She was 102 years old. 

Viruses are living things. And like all living things, they surprise us. 

The U.S. government had months to prepare for the coming of the coronavirus. They treated it lightly, and nearly a thousand deaths a day proved that it is indeed deadly serious. We will see worse.

From imprisoned nation, this is Mumia Abu-Jamal.

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