Police brutality victim Renardo Lewis still waiting for justice

One year after the police in Cobb County, Ga., assaulted and then arrested Renardo Lewis at an IHOP restaurant, the Lewis family is still waiting for justice.

During this Covid-19 crisis, created by the capitalist system’s callous disregard for our lives, Lewis is still being held under house arrest. A hard-working family man, Lewis is only allowed to work at his restaurant, RC Southern Cooking. He spent over a month in jail last spring for no other reason than the racism of the Cobb County Police.

The Atlanta Peoples Power Assembly is asking people to call the office of Cobb County District Attorney Joyette Holmes at (770) 528-3080 and demand that the charges against Renardo Lewis be dropped.

RC, as he is known by friends and family, states: “We are blessed and thankful to be alive and well during these difficult times. We’re also so thankful for all the support from everyone. That night has changed our lives. Thanks for everything and be safe out there.”

Read more about the Renard Lewis case here.

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