MLK Jr. Day March Against Racism: Solidarity, Not Borders! – Brooklyn

Monday, January 21, 2019 at 11:30 AM – 3 PM

Hosted by Bay Ridge for Social Justice

For the past three years, Bay Ridge residents, neighbors, and allies have come together on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day to honor the radical legacy of Dr. King by showing that hate has NO PLACE in Bay Ridge.

Bay Ridge for Social Justice, Fight Back Bay Ridge, South Brooklyn Progressive Resistance and Arab American Association of New York invite you to join us for a march on Martin Luther King Day, not only to honor Dr. King’s legacy, but to continue his struggle against oppressive borders that act to divide us.

This march will take place at the beginning of our third year living under an administration whose goals are to divide us, impoverish us for the benefit of the 1%, and deny the human and civil rights of the most vulnerable among us.

We will march on January 21st to say NO to the immoral militarized borders that are created to separate us. From Palestine to Mexico, we have seen the effect of artificial borders that have ripped families apart, created inhuman living conditions, and enforced poverty, racism and Islamophobia. From Sunset Park to Bay Ridge, we are working in South Brooklyn to erase divisions and build solidarity in the fight against oppression, racism and violence.

As we move into the third year of the Trump era, we call for actions of resistance and solidarity, knowing that the onslaught of attacks by the right and the 1% will only be overcome when we stand together and rise against them.

Join us Monday, January 21st at 11.30 am at the Arab American Association. We will finish the afternoon with a rally that will include speeches from activists and community leaders, and a chance for you to get to know your neighbors and strengthen a commitment to social justice.

Organizations and groups: Please contact us at bayridgeforsocialjustice to endorse this action!

Love and Solidarity,

Bay Ridge for Social Justice
Fight Back Bay Ridge
South Brooklyn Progressive Resistance
Arab American Association of New York

This action is endorsed by:
Peace Action Bay Ridge
South Brooklyn DSA Official
Atlas: DIY
Brooklyn For Peace
Friends of Sunset Park
Equality for Flatbush : E4F
The Brooklyn Anti-gentrification Network – BAN
Young Progressives of America
Within Our Lifetime

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