Links – Jan. 31, 2019

Super Profits Bowl Does the Super Bowl Feel Too Political? Thank Militarism FPIF The Super Bowl Spectacle CommonDreams Protest Is Coming to Super Bowl LIII Dave Zirin The Rams’ Stan Kroenke Represents the Worst of […]


Links – Jan. 30, 2019

Labor Virginia teachers turn out in droves to protest for more funding and higher pay Guardian Virginia students learn in trailers while state offers Amazon huge tax breaks Guardian The workers disproportionately hurt by Trump’s […]


Links – Jan. 29, 2019

Venezuela Fears US could invade Venezuela as ‘5,000 troops to Colombia’ note spotted on John Bolton’s pad and he warns ‘all options on table’ The Sun Sanctions Are Wars Against Peoples Moon of Alabama Pope fears ‘bloodbath’ […]

Around the world

Holocaust Remembrance Day

Jan. 27 was Holocaust Remembrance Day. We remember the mass genocide of over 6 million Jews, and more than a million communists, Romani, LGBTQ2S and disabled people. We remember Ester Wajcblum, Ella Gärtner, Regina Safirsztain […]


Links – Jan. 28, 2019

Denver Teachers: We Won’t Let H.R. Break Our Strike by Threatening Our Immigrant Colleagues In These Times Mexican Workers Are Engaging in Wildcat Strikes at the Border In These Times America Pushes Allies to Fight […]


Links – Jan. 27, 2019

Denver Public Schools sends letter threatening to deport striking teachers Daily Kos Who Shut Down the Shutdown? New Politics Airport Shutdowns Forced Trump to Reopen the Government NYMag Venezuela Trump Appoints Elliot Abrams, Who Backed […]