Google workers demand better pay, benefits

Google’s temporary, vendor and contract workers (TVCs) are demanding better pay and access to benefits. TVCs make up more than half of the company’s workforce.

A letter from the TVCs to Google CEO Sundar Pichai said, “As you know, 20,000 full-time and temporary, vendor, and contract workers (TVCs) recently walked out to protest discrimination, racism, sexual harassment and a workplace culture that only works for some.”

The letter continues, “The exclusion of TVCs from important communications and fair treatment is part of a system of institutional racism, sexism, and discrimination. TVCs are disproportionately people from marginalized groups who are treated as less deserving of compensation, opportunities, workplace protections, and respect. We wear different badges from full-time employees, which reinforces this arbitrary and discriminatory separation. Even when we’re doing the same work as full-time employees, these jobs routinely fail to provide living wages and often offer minimal benefits.”

While Google conceded to some of the workers’ demands following the Nov. 1 walkout, many demands have been ignored by the company. The struggle continues.

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