The Puerto Rican primaries, courtesy of gringo corporations

A corporate sham to keep stealing from the people

El Movimiento Victoria Ciudadana

As in many parts of Our America, in Puerto Rico we are also in an election process this year. Although the general elections are in November, this week the two colonial parties that have so far alternated the administration of the country, the Popular Democratic Party, or PPD that advocates the permanence of the colony under the guise of the Commonwealth, and the New Progressive Party (NPP) that advocates the incorporation of Puerto Rico into the United States, will hold primaries.

While both parties base their promotions on accusations of the other contender from their own party, it is the NPP, the current administrator of the colony, that takes the prize in profanity and unbelievable lies. Watching their ads on TV, one is astonished to see how they hide and distort reality. According to these advertising products, we live in a paradise where services are of quality for all the people. Where schools, hospitals, housing, energy service, etc., is unsurpassed and people live very happy and grateful to the governor who won with only one third of voters participating. It is truly disgusting when we look at the reality of our people living in poverty, with our youth unable to get an education or have a future, or without adequate health services.

But the important thing we want to point out is: who benefits, who is behind this publicity?

We should not be surprised that in a colony, it is corporations, law firms, and gringo millionaires who finance these campaigns to maintain the unjust laws that grant preferences to foreign investors, such as Law 60, which makes Puerto Rico a tax haven. They have come to Puerto Rico to steal our land, build luxury buildings and homes for short-term rentals, displacing communities and driving up housing prices, making it so that a middle-income family can no longer afford an affordable residence.

But no matter how many ads these vultures pay for, whoever wins the primaries, it is the people in November who will have the opportunity to remove them all and elect honest and patriotic candidates who have formed a great Country Alliance between the Puerto Rican Independence Party and the Citizen Victory Movement that can repeal these preferential laws and reverse the privatizations.

Source: the Struggle-La Lucha Telegram channel, translation Resumen Latinoamericano – English

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