Resist NATO’s D-Day lies: Join the Counter-Summit in Washington

The U.S.-NATO powers are exploiting the 80th anniversary of D-Day to justify an imperialist agenda, including escalating their war against Russia and arming the genocide in Gaza. This commemoration, while claiming to honor the sacrifice of soldiers, is an outright promotion of NATO’s expansionism and war.

The policies and objectives of NATO today are alarmingly similar to those of the Nazi regime, with parallels in their aggression towards Russia and military armaments to support the apartheid Zionist settler state. The exclusion of Russia from the D-Day memorial and the elevation of Nazi collaborators in Ukraine further highlight the imperialist purpose of the ceremonies.

French President Emmanuel Macron’s decision to withdraw Russia’s invitation to the D-Day memorial was meant to erase the Soviet Union’s incredible defeat of the Third Reich in May 1945. 

The U.S. created NATO in 1949 to threaten the Soviet Union and its new Eastern European allies and to stop the spread of socialism across Europe.

After the USSR was destroyed in 1992, the U.S. began taking the Soviet Union’s former Eastern European allies and some former Soviet Republics into NATO. The only former Soviet or Soviet-allied countries in Europe that are not now part of NATO are Moldova, Belarus, and Ukraine.

Even though Russia is now capitalist and thus represents no socialist threat to any existing capitalist nation, the U.S. has been tightening its encirclement of Russia through NATO. The goal is to transform Russia, with its vast natural wealth, into a semi-colony of the U.S.

The U.S./NATO proxy war in Ukraine is about the drive of U.S. imperialism to bring Russia’s and Ukraine’s colossal wealth in natural resources under its control. Both countries are rich in farmland and raw materials such as ores. Already, much of Ukraine’s has been taken over by U.S. finance capital. Russian capitalists are fighting to maintain control of their own natural resources.

Macron has said that NATO ground troops should be deployed in Ukraine, expanding the conflict into an open NATO war on Russia.

Biden has already authorized Ukraine to attack Russian territory with U.S.-supplied missiles, an open escalation of U.S.-NATO operations.

Meanwhile, the U.S.-backed Israeli Occupation Forces continue the genocide in Gaza, mirroring the brutal tactics of Nazi Germany, including mass bombings and starvation of civilians. More bombs have been dropped on Gaza than were on London, Hamburg, and Dresden during World War II.

The official D-Day gathering of imperialist leaders will be followed by a NATO meeting in Washington, D.C., where plans to expand the war against Russia and future operations against China will be discussed. 

A Resist NATO Counter-Summit has been called for July 6 in Washington, followed by a rally on July 7.

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