Alicia Jrapko presente! Now and always

Jan. 7, International Committee for Peace Justice and Dignity, honoring Ali in Oakland, Calif.

Havana, Cuba, Jan. 11 — Ali, as all of us who had the honor of sharing dreams and militancy used to call her, went to another dimension exactly one year ago at night.

It is still hard for us to assimilate the physical absence of our dear companion, sister, and friend Alicia Jrapko, Argentine revolutionary who accompanied so many struggles of our peoples and dedicated more than three decades of her fruitful life to the defense of the Cuban Revolution.

Her work from the United States for the return of Elián Gonzalez, the freedom of the Cuban Five, and always against the draconian blockade consecrated her as one of our great referents, to whom the people and the leadership of the Cuban Revolutionary Government showed immense respect and affection.

You are present, Ali, in every small and big thing we achieve, in every challenge, and in all our struggles.

You live in our memory, in the love of your children and grandchildren, in the love of your dear comrade Bill.

Jan. 7 Alicia’s 3 children and partner pay tribute in Oakland.

Your smile continues to enlighten us; from it, with your immense courage and tenderness, you defy those who do so much harm to the people of this island. They will never succeed in turning back this Revolution that honored you as the faithful sister and companion that you will always be.

This past Saturday, it was Alicia’s children’s turn to show their love by honoring her in a large tribute in Oakland, California,  the city she lived in.

Alicia Jrapko Lives!

International Committee for Peace, Justice, and Dignity to the Peoples

Source: Cuba en Resumen

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