Appeal to revolutionaries: We must defend each other from state attack

Revolutionary parties and organizations in the U.S. are surely aware of the significance of today’s political period. There are the massive outpourings into the streets, both organized and spontaneous, in an all-out rebellion against racism. A global pandemic has laid bare the inability and outright unwillingness of imperialism and monopoly capitalism to protect anything but profits. And state terror in the form of police murder, extrajudicial killings and kidnappings, and imperialist warmongering continues to be the order of the day around the world. 

Revolutionary class consciousness is building among the U.S. working class in an unprecedented way, and the capitalist ruling class sees it. We know that the capitalists are gearing up to defend their class rule. Already we see the ramping up of police and military forces, in collusion with fascist white supremacist gangs, aimed at quelling the rebellions against racism and police terror. 

This is why the Socialist Unity Party/Partido de Socialismo Unido urgently calls for unity, coordination and preparation among the revolutionary parties and organizations in the United States. A critical situation is unfolding in the global center of imperialism, and as the various struggles intensify, they will reach a dead end without revolutionary working-class leadership. 

It is the responsibility of revolutionary parties and organizations, armed with revolutionary theory and decades of combined revolutionary practice, to ready the masses for this political period and those to come. In order to do this, the revolutionary forces, scattered geographically and politically, must begin to unite.

The Socialist Unity Party proposes a first step towards this unity: We must commit to defend each other from state attack. We have already seen revolutionaries kidnapped and imprisoned for their heroic work in the rebellions. The Socialist Unity Party calls on all parties and organizations to raise these cases so the movement can amplify them to our class and mobilize support. 

The waxing and waning of the movement in this period will require the revolutionary forces to constantly assess, analyze and strategize our next steps. But what is sure to be required is a stronger unity between revolutionary parties and organizations. It is our sincere hope that this can be the first step.

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