Don’t blame Russia for Trump

There are dozens of reasons to stop the super racist, sexual predator, union buster, war criminal, evil Donald Trump. But Russia didn’t put this rich pig in the White House.

  • It was the U.S. Supreme Court that gutted the Voting Rights Act ― not Russia. It wasn’t Russia that prevented tens of thousands of African-Americans from voting in Florida and Georgia during the midterm elections.
  • The Electoral College that made Donald Trump president, while he got 3 million fewer votes than Hillary Clinton, wasn’t a Russian invention either. Blame slavemaster James Madison, who devised the Electoral College to protect slavery in 1787.
  • The capitalist media gave Trump nearly $3 billion of free publicity. (Market Watch, May 6, 2016) It was the big business media giant NBC that made this racist clown a nationally known figure by giving him his own TV show, “The Apprentice.”
  • The CIA claims Russian agents hacked Democratic National Committee files and gave the info to WikiLeaks. But Craig Murray, a former British ambassador to Uzbekistan, said the material came from a DNC whistleblower. All it takes is a thumb drive and access to the files.
  • WikiLeaks revealed the truth about the DNC sabotaging Bernie Sanders’ campaign. That’s like Chelsea Manning’s truth telling about U.S. war crimes in Afghanistan and Iraq.
  • Why should anybody believe the CIA, the world’s bloodiest terrorist outfit? It was CIA agent Donald Rickard who tipped off the apartheid secret police who then arrested Nelson Mandela. (BBC, May 15, 2016) Lying former CIA director George Tenet said it was a “slam dunk” case that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.
  • It’s actually Wall Street that has been intervening in Russia for over a century. U.S. troops were sent to try to strangle the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution. More recently, the Pentagon spent over $5.5 trillion on nuclear weapons aimed at the Soviet Union, according to the Nuclear Threat Initiative. That’s enough dough to provide $300,000 houses to over 18 million poor families.
  • Never forget that 27 million Soviet people, from 150 nationalities, gave their lives to defeat Hitler. Eighty percent of the Nazi war machine’s casualties were on the eastern front. Overthrowing the socialist Soviet Union was an immense tragedy for poor and working people everywhere, just like the defeat of Reconstruction was for Black people in the U.S.
  • U.S. capitalists continued to meddle after the Soviet Union’s breakup in 1991. U.S. election consultants boasted that they helped re-elect Russian President Boris Yeltsin in 1996. (Los Angeles Times, July 9, 1996) The Pentagon brass still want to occupy and exploit the Russian Federation’s six million square miles.

We need a mass movement of millions to stop the Trump agenda of bigotry, cutbacks and war. Billionaires and their generals want to divert our righteous anger against injustices here at home to target Russia. Don’t fall for it!

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