Bloodsucking capitalists: a U.S. specialty

Blood samples.

Besides steel, another vital industry for developed societies is machine tools. These include lathes, drill presses, gear cutters and milling machines ― the machines that make or form machine parts. U.S. industry helped pioneer external grinding because of the auto industry’s need for crankshafts and other items.

But in 2016, little Switzerland exported $2.3 billion worth of machine tools while the U.S. exported just $1.5 billion.

The U.S. did export $25.3 billion worth of human and animal blood the same year. This ninth-largest U.S. export is a red, white and blue specialty.

Malcolm X called capitalists bloodsuckers. From coast to coast, poor people are forced to sell their plasma in order to eat.

Blood actually accounted for slightly more U.S. exports than computers ($15.2 billion) and corn ($10 billion) combined. That’s how decayed U.S. capitalism is. The People’s Republic of China can’t be blamed for it.

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