People’s red line surrounds the White House

Stop Biden’s mass murder in Gaza!

SLL photo: Sharon Black

One hundred thousand people surrounded the White House on June 8 to stop the genocide in Gaza. They held a two-mile-long red banner that stretched around the White House grounds.

This people’s “red line” not only symbolized the 40,000 Palestinians killed with U.S.-made and paid-for bombs and shells. Protesters were also making a vivid challenge to President Joe Biden’s lying statement that an Israeli invasion of Rafah would represent a “red line” to him.

Over a million Palestinians fled to Rafah City from other parts of devastated Gaza. While Israeli tanks and planes are attacking Rafah, one of the most crowded places on earth, Genocide Joe continues to feed the Zionist war machine.

As people were coming to the White House, Zionist forces murdered 250 Palestinians in a so-called hostage rescue that was supported by U.S. military assets. This latest massacre shows that only the power of the people can stop the genocide.

People in buses, cars, and trains came to Washington, D.C. from more than a dozen states. One bus, taking activists from Des Moines, Iowa, took 20 hours to make the 1,000-mile trip to the capital.

Later that afternoon, a People’s Court of Justice was held indicting the war criminals responsible for the death of 15,000 Palestinian children in Gaza.

Among the organizations helping to build this action were the Palestinian Youth Movement, PAL-Awda: the Palestine Right to Return Coalition, U.S. Palestinian Community Network, ANSWER Coalition, December 12th Movement, Black Men Build, Party for Socialism and Liberation, Jewish Voice for Peace, Veterans for Peace, Struggle-La Lucha newspaper, and Socialist Unity Party.

Many participants were union members, including those belonging to Healthcare Workers for Palestine. A contingent of Filipino supporters numbered in the hundreds. The People’s Power Assembly and Struggle-La Lucha brought people from Baltimore, Washington, D.C., and New York City.

Only the people can stop the genocide!


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