Baltimore protesters denounce Biden’s visit amid Gaza genocide

SLL photo: Sharon Black

A group of Baltimore activists organized by the Peoples Power Assembly gathered along Broening Highway on April 7 to protest the arrival of President “Genocide Joe” Biden. The President visited the city to tour the recently collapsed Francis Scott Key Bridge

The demonstration sent one unassailable message to Joe Biden: Genocidal maniacs and imperialist dilettantes are not welcome in Baltimore City. As Biden pretends to care about the six immigrant workers who lost their lives due to corporate greed and regulatory incompetence, thousands continue to die in the U.S.-backed Zionist genocide in Gaza. 

The protesters braved wind, cold, and rain to make their message heard loud and clear. As the war criminal flew overhead in his helicopter, the group chanted, “Biden Biden, you can’t hide, we charge you with genocide!” and “Free Free Palestine!” 

After hours of demonstration, protesters marched through the southeast Baltimore neighborhood to a local park, where they held a brief community meeting that focused on future actions in the Baltimore area. 

Our city will not stand by while the zionist genocide and the repression at home only escalate. As long as the imperialist slaughter in Gaza continues, the Zionists, corporate oligarchs, and mainstream politicians will have no peace. 

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