Baltimore protest for Palestine slams land theft

SLL photos: Sharon Black

One hundred and fifty people gathered in northern Baltimore April 1 to protest an event sponsored by Zionist real estate magnate CapitIL. Local activists believe it to have been either an illegal auction of Palestinian land to settlers or an informational meeting on the potential purchase of Palestinian land. 

These auctions have become disturbingly common since the start of the U.S.-backed Zionist military operation in Gaza after Oct. 7. Zionists are anticipating a swath of new stolen land to purchase and settle. 

To show that Baltimore will not stand for genocide and land theft, a coalition of organizations – including Peoples Power Assembly, Jewish Voice for Peace, Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), and Al Awda – formed a strong, noisy picket line directly across the street from the event. 

The pro-Palestine demonstration was met with racist, sexist, and homophobic vitriol from a similarly sized fascist demonstration in support of the land auctions. The fascists donned a variety of “Israeli” and U.S. flags. They had the local police department’s complete support. 

The Zionist crowd was almost completely white, while the counter-demonstration was multinational and multi-gendered. The pro-Palestine demonstration included a number of anti-Zionist Jews as well. 

Have no doubt, these Zionists do not care about Judaism or the Jewish people, even if many are themselves Jewish. They are in thrall to the agenda of the U.S. military industry, Big Oil and the Washington political establishment. 

Wherever they gather, those who stand for complete and absolute Palestinian liberation will continue to deny them peace. 

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