No blood money for genocide! Three U.S. presidents confronted by pro-Palestine marchers

New York City, March 28. SLL Photo: Steven Millies

More than a thousand people protested against the genocide in Gaza in New York City on March 28. They marched in the rain to a cadence of drum beats from the reference library on Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue to Radio City Music Hall.

There they rallied against the Democratic Party fundraising event hosted by presidents Joe Biden, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. All these war criminals have blood on their hands.

Bill Clinton bombed socialist Yugoslavia for 78 days and killed thousands in Iraq with sanctions that prevented importing vital goods. Barack Obama’s invasion of Libya led to slave markets being set up in the African country.

Joe Biden has helped kill over 14,000 Palestinian children in both Gaza and the West Bank.

Manolo De Los Santos, executive director of The People’s Forum, was among the speakers denouncing the genocide in Gaza. The march was organized by the Shut It Down for Palestine Coalition, which includes the Palestinian Youth Movement; PAL Al-Awda: the Palestine Right to Return Coalition; Jewish Voices for Peace; Party for Socialism and Liberation; and The People’s Forum.

Groups of health workers and other union members came to the demonstration.

Inside Radio City people courageously disrupted the blood money collection event.

One protester stood up and shouted “Shame on you, Joe Biden – you are pushing genocide in Palestine!” As she was forcibly kicked out, she shouted, “There’s blood on your hands!”

Among the people who disrupted Genocide Joe’s fundraiser and were escorted out were members of Jewish Voices for Peace and the Party for Socialism and Liberation. 

Genocide Joe raised $25 million for his reelection campaign. All of it is coated in blood. 

It amounts to about $750 for every Palestinian killed in Gaza by U.S.-made bombs and shells.

That’s reminiscent of the Vietnam War. Vietnamese families were offered no more than $120 for each child murdered by U.S. forces while Michelin Tire got $600 for every rubber tree destroyed. 

What better location for Genocide Joe raking in cash than Radio City Music Hall in Rockefeller Center? It’s named for and was owned for decades by Big Oil’s first family — the Rockefellers.

The Zionist state occupying Palestine exists to protect Big Oil’s holdings in Western Asia.

The courage of the Palestinian people, backed by poor and working people around the world, will defeat the apartheid Zionist state and its U.S. paymasters.

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