PFLP: Biden gives green light to renewed Israeli aggression in Gaza

Destruction in Gaza after resumption of Israeli attacks on Dec. 1.

Dec. 1 — The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) holds the American administration and the war criminal, U.S. President Joe Biden, fully responsible for the renewed Zionist aggression on the Gaza Strip this morning due to the ongoing green light given to the occupation to continue the genocide and commit dozens of massacres against our people.

The Front confirmed that our people have no choice but resistance and steadfastness and that the treacherous enemy will fail again in achieving any of its goals, no matter how much it bombs, destroys, and commits massacres, and will return defeated, dragging the tails of disappointment and defeat, thanks to the solid resistance and the strong will of our people. Certainly, the resistance will write the end of the political future of the war criminal Netanyahu and his gang.

The Front concluded its statement by calling on the masses of our people, the sons, and daughters of our Arab nation, and the free people of the world to gather in the squares and besiege the embassies of the aggressors in the world to pressure for the cessation of aggression and the ongoing zionist genocide against civilians, especially children and women.

Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine
Central Media Department

Source: Resistance News Network

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