Political prisoners worldwide to participate in a one-day hunger strike in defense of Palestinian prisoners

Appeal to all political prisoners in the world to participate in a one-day hunger strike in defense of Palestinian prisoners on Friday, 11-24-23

On October 27, 20 political prisoners from multiple prisons in Euskal Herria (Basque Country) began a one-day hunger strike in solidarity with the Palestinian people and against the genocidal aggression of the Zionist occupation in support of the right of resistance of the Palestinian people. 

We salute these fighters for their unwavering commitment to the just Palestinian struggle and their internationalist principles. Our Basque colleagues know that Zionism is a Western imperialist project and that defeating Zionism is defeating the same imperialist oppression for which they fought and sacrificed their freedom in their own country. They also know the Palestinian resistance is the resistance of the oppressed peoples of the world and the liberation of Palestine is the liberation of all peoples and a destructive blow to all the imperialist forces of the world.

Two weeks after their hunger strike and a month since the beginning of the Zionist aggression, the violence of the occupation supported by NATO and the EU has reached an unprecedented level, with almost 10,000 martyrs in Gaza, which are bombed with an explosive power in the last month that equals the destructive power of the nuclear bomb dropped on Hiroshima. … 

While this genocide takes place before the eyes of the international community, the occupation unveils its fascist tendencies with the Palestinian prisoners. It is clear, even in the statements of its officials, that this is an expression of revenge for their recent defeat on October 7.

Over the past month, the number of Palestinian prisoners has almost doubled, reaching around 10,000, of which more than 1,000 are in administrative detention, that is, imprisoned without charge or trial. More than 170 of them are children. 

The Zionist armed forces took over the administration of the prisons, cutting off electricity and restraining the availability of water (only one hour a day), diminishing the prisoners’ food rations to the point prisoners had to fast. Prisoners’ personal belongings, such as clothing, books, and kitchen utensils, are confiscated. They are denied access to television, radio, or visits; therefore, they are completely isolated from the world. 

Beatings and torture have become a daily practice, with multiple sections of the prisons soaked in blood with no cleaning materials provided to remove the smell. Over the past month, two Palestinian prisoners were tortured to death, bringing the number of martyrs in the Palestinian prisoner movement to 238. Today, Palestinian prisoners are subjected to the full force of Zionist murderous and genocidal tendencies.

Therefore, and following the footsteps of our colleagues in the Basque Country, we call on all political prisoners in the world to participate in a one-day hunger strike on Friday, 11/24/2023, and we call on organizations of solidarity with the prisoners to support the hunger strikers, spread the word, and join us in defending the Palestinian prisoner movement, which stands firm on behalf of all the oppressed peoples in the world, while they are subjected to all the force of Zionist and imperialist fascism. This action will bring everyone’s attention to their inhumane conditions. It will allow all our prisoners to resist together on the same day in a common action. It will show the world that, even in prison, resistance is still possible and necessary.

Defeating Zionism is defeating imperialism and fascism.
Defending the Palestinian resistance is defending all the oppressed peoples of the world.
Defending political prisoners is defending humanity.
Long live international solidarity.

We ask lawyers and relatives of political prisoners who intend to participate in the hunger strike to contact us so that we can publish their participation.

We also ask organizations of solidarity with political prisoners that join the appeal to contact us so that their names can be added to the list of adhesions.

Below, we reproduce the statement published by our colleagues from Euskal Herria on October 27, 2023:

Palestinian women and men have been suffering from violence caused by the Zionist occupation for decades; forced to leave their homes and move, their cities and towns destroyed; they have been imprisoned, tortured, raped, murdered…

We have evidence of this genocidal policy carried out by this terrorist Zionist state, of the massacres and horrors in Gaza that the entire world has seen these days.

For all this, in solidarity with the Palestinian people and declaring the legitimacy of the rights of defense of the oppressed peoples, the Basque political prisoners who sign this letter will hold a day of fasting next Friday, the 27th. October.

Free Palestine!


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