Keep chanting, “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!”

Real hate mongers love Zionism

Tens of thousands came to the Mall in Washington, D.C., on Nov. 14 to support the bloody U.S. / Israeli war against Gaza. Over 11,000 Palestinians have been killed so far, including at least 4,609 children. 

The hate rally was called by Zionist organizations led by a small section of U.S. capitalists who are Jewish. Many Jewish people and organizations like Jewish Voice for Peace oppose the racist Israeli regime.

The turnout for the Zionist rally was barely a third of the 300,000 people who came to the Nov. 4 demonstration for Palestine.

Nov. 14 rally organizers invited Mike Johnson, the new speaker of the House of Representatives, to speak. Johnson is a Christian nationalist who opposes women’s rights and hates LGBTQ+ people. 

He repeats the fascist claim that immigrants from Africa, Latin America, and Asia are carrying out a “great replacement” of whites. As the 60th anniversary approaches of the Dallas coup d’état that killed JFK, this bigot would become president if Joe Biden and Kamala Harris got knocked off.

Johnson denounced calls for a ceasefire in the war against Gaza, saying, “The calls for a ceasefire are outrageous.” The pro-Israeli crowd responded by chanting, “no ceasefire.”

Yelling “no ceasefire” is cheering the killing of Palestinian children. It’s approving the bombing of hospitals in Gaza.

The day after the Nov. 14 rally, Israeli forces invaded Al-Shifa Hospital, Gaza’s largest. Incubators were turned off because the electric generators ran out of fuel. Babies were somehow kept alive with aluminum foil.

Al-Nasr Children’s Hospital was also occupied by Israeli soldiers. “We said goodbye to the children, left them on the machines, and left the hospital with guns pointed at us,” said one of the doctors there. “There are more than 150 children in the hospital who were left for their fates, and there is no one else in the hospital.”

President Biden has demanded that another $14.3 billion in arms be given to the apartheid state carrying out these war crimes. That makes Biden a war criminal, too.

Anyone who opposes a ceasefire, like Biden, has blood on their hands. That applies to Senate Majority leader Chuck Schumer, who spoke at the Nov. 14 hate rally. And that means you, Bernie Sanders, who also denounced any ceasefire.

Fascists for Israel

An estimated 100,000 people came to a Nov. 12 rally in Paris to supposedly denounce anti-Jewish racism. It really served to cheer on Israeli atrocities while ignoring the racism directed at Arab, African, and immigrant communities in France.

Among those who came was Marine Le Pen, the leader of the fascist Rassemblement National. Her daddy, Jean-Marie Le Pen, claimed that Hitler’s gas chambers were “merely a detail.”

During Algeria’s war of independence, French colonialism killed a million Algerians, 40,000 of whom were tortured to death by scum that included Jean-Marie Le Pen.

French cops routinely brutalize Arab and African people. Hundreds of Algerians were killed on Oct. 17, 1961, by Paris police, who dumped their bodies in the Seine River.

The same capitalist class that deported 76,000 French Jews to Nazi extermination camps carried out the murder of Algerians.

Any genuine rally against racism in France has to condemn the attacks on Arab and African people, as well as Israel’s atrocities against Palestinians. Gaza ghetto is today’s Warsaw Ghetto.

Another supporter of Israel is Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, who worships Adolf Hitler’s best buddy, Benito Mussolini. The Italian fascist dictator killed a million people in Ethiopia and another million in Libya.

Italian workers, who were Mussolini’s first victims, shot the sawdust Caesar and hanged his naked body upside down in Milano. Meloni’s fascist sympathies didn’t prevent Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu from welcoming her to the Zionist state.

While fascists and other bigots support Israeli atrocities, capitalist governments have decreed the slogan, “from the River to the Sea, Palestine will be free!,” to be hate speech. Austrian police banned a pro-Palestinian demonstration because of the chant.

Britain’s Labour Party suspended its parliament member Andy McDonald for using the phrase. 

Prosecutors in Berlin claim it’s incitement to hate. The expression is called a “genocidal call to violence to destroy the state of Israel,” in the Congressional resolution censuring Rashida Tiaib, its only Palestinian member. 

George Washington University suspended Students for Justice in Palestine, which projected the slogan on a campus building. Columbia University suspended both SJP and Jewish Voice for Peace. 

Fear of a Palestinian majority

It’s strange that a slogan that refers to geography should be so controversial. Pre-1948 maps of the region clearly show that Palestine does indeed extend from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea.

What should be shocking are the wild, expansive Zionist claims to Arab lands.

The election symbol of the old Herut party displays the Zionist state as occupying not only all of Palestine but Jordan as well. Herut — which was denounced by Albert Einstein as fascist — was a predecessor of Netanyahu’s Likud Party.

One of the pre-1948 Zionist terrorist groups called Lehi demanded a “Hebrew kingdom from Euphrates [in Iraq] to the Nile.” Lehi participated in the April 9, 1948, Deir Yasin massacre in which over 100 Palestinians were murdered.

It’s a big lie that chanting “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!” calls for killing Jewish people. What Zionist supporters are really saying is that Israeli settlers refuse to live under a Palestinian majority government.

This was the same argument used by supporters of the Jim Crow white supremacist regimes in the U.S. South. William F. Buckley Jr. did so in his 1957 National Review editorial, “The South must prevail.”

Buckley, who called whites the “advanced race,” was worried that Black people could outvote whites in many places. The National Review is 100% for Israel today.

The hysteria over the “from the river to the sea” slogan also serves to smother the demand for the right of return of Palestinians to their homes. This seems like simple justice to most people.

The Zionist State was born in 1948 with 800,000 Palestinians being driven out of their homeland during the catastrophe called the Nakba. Fifteen thousand Palestinians were killed.

It was the old apartheid regime in South Africa that wanted the country split up into several mini-states, really Bantustans. All the U.S. schemes for Palestine are the same. The African National Congress fought for one state with a Black majority.

French colonialism occupied Algeria for 132 years before they were kicked out. Palestine will be free, from the river to the sea!

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