Puerto Ricans repudiate the Israeli genocide in Gaza

The sign reads, ” Puerto Rico stands with Palestine,” San Juan, Nov. 12, 2023. Photo: X/ @apadillafilm6

“We call to put the body on the street in solidarity with the Palestinians,” the Feminist Collective said.

Nov. 12 — On Sunday, Puerto Ricans marched through the streets of San Juan to denounce the genocidal acts that the State of Israel has been carrying out incessantly from Palestine since Oct. 7.

Carrying flags of Palestine and Puerto Rico, Puerto Ricans walked from the south side of the Capitol to the Federal Courthouse in Old San Juan.

People carried signs with messages such as “Free Palestine,” “Puerto Rico with Palestine,” “Stop Killing Children,” and “It’s not War, It’s Genocide,” according to journalist Laura Perez.

“The Palestinians have been victims of a genocidal bombing by the Army of the State of Israel for more over four weeks,” said Ricardo Santos Ortiz, spokesman for the Palestine Solidarity Network of Puerto Rico.

“There is a situation of humanitarian crisis and genocide. There are clear intentions of racial extermination. Therefore, we see as urgent the solidarity from the people, the entire world, and Puerto Rico, which is also a colonized and intervened country,” he said.

“Our historical reality, as an occupied and colonized people, living under the U.S. imperialist yoke, has to direct us to a clear and forceful stance in favor of the Palestinian people’s struggle,” the Feminist Collective organization said in its call to the march.

“From Puerto Rico to Palestine, we demand liberation for all oppressed peoples. We call to put the body on the street, in solidarity with the Palestinians,” it added.

Source: teleSUR

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