Worldwide outcry in solidarity with Gaza: STOP THE MASSACRE

London, Oct. 28

Oct. 28 — Over the past two weekends, large-scale demonstrations have occurred globally to oppose the genocide against the Palestinian people by the U.S.-Israeli war machine. Millions of protesters participated in almost every major city worldwide, with turnout reported to be higher than the previous week. Around 100,000 people marched in London alone.

On the day before, Oct. 27, a large protest was held at Grand Central Station in New York City, organized by the group Jewish Voice for Peace. Thousands of demonstrators closed down one of the city’s largest transportation hubs.

Protesters shut down Grand Central Station, New York City, Oct. 27.

Meanwhile, the Israeli armed forces have invaded Gaza, according to the New York Times. 

CNN reports that U.S. Marine Corps Lt. Gen. James Glynn, who led the battle of Fallujah in Iraq in 2004, “provided his expertise as a lead planner.” 

A report on the battle of Fallujah to the United Nations Human Rights Council says: “It is almost impossible to list all the crimes that the American forces had committed in Fallujah during these two major offensives, but in brief, these include the deliberate destruction of the whole city [heavy U.S. bombardment, including the use of white phosphorus and depleted uranium shells], killing civilians and wounding persons, torture of the civilian populations, prevention of distribution of food and medicine, all can be easily categorized as war crimes, crimes against humanity and grave violations of international humanitarian law. There has been nothing like the attack on Fallujah since the Nazi invasion and occupation of much of the European continent — the shelling and bombing of Warsaw in September 1939, the terror bombing of Rotterdam in May 1940.” 

And now Gaza.

Gary Wilson is the author of War and Lenin in the 21st Century.

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