Strikes against aggressors by Axis of Resistance will make history: PFLP

Oct. 20 — The strikes carried out by the Axis of Resistance against the Zionist-American forces of aggression in all fields and arenas of confrontation constitute the most effective response to the escalation of the aggressors’ camp in its war of genocide and crimes against our people.

The heroic exploits undertaken by the forces of the resistance, each from its position, will be witnessed by the history of our nation and the world. They are the ones who will achieve victory and defeat the coalition of aggression.

The fires of the resistance have been consuming the aggressor’s army at the hands of the heroes of Hezbollah from the start of the aggression. Meanwhile, the heroes of the resistance in Iraq rose with their stance and angry supportive actions before they launched the noble Arab people’s fire on the U.S. occupation bases, epitome of evil and aggression. When the Yemeni lightning strikes the fleets of the U.S. aggressors, it confirms the unity of the nation and reflects the solidarity between the oppressed and downtrodden peoples and the forces of resistance against the colonial invaders.

This emphasizes that continuing to target the interests and bases of U.S. terrorism and its Zionist agents serves as a protective shield for our people, especially after the U.S., Britain, and France made the Security Council and U.N. institutions hostage to the will and policy of American-Zionist terrorism.

The Front extends its condolences to the families of the martyrs of the resistance in Lebanon and to the leadership of the resistance, which has never abandoned Palestine for a single day. The Front salutes its heroes in all arenas, emphasizing that this cohesion and rallying around Palestine by the Axis of Resistance, in defense of its people, and the convergences of their fire and positions with the resisting Palestinians within the occupied homeland, will defeat the aggression and open the doors to victory and liberation.

In conclusion, the Front emphasizes that our people’s confidence in the Axis of Resistance is great. The Front underscores the importance of supporting this heroic effort, tremendous revolutionary work, and the unified confrontation strategy. This is achieved by rallying the masses of our nation and the free people of the world, escalating their activities, besieging the embassies of the forces of aggression in all countries worldwide, and fighting against the bases of the evil U.S. regime and its interests.

This is in defense of our oppressed, patient, resistant, and steadfast people in Palestine in the face of the war of extermination and in rejection of all attempts and plots of displacement.

Translated by Panagiotis Karystinos

 Source: PFLP on Telegram

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