New Orleans: A Community Forum to Stop Racist Police Terror, Nov. 4

SATURDAY, NOV. 4, 2 pm

Their Families Speak: A community forum to stop racist police terror.
St. Luke’s Episcopal Church

The homicidal killing by police of Black people across the country and throughout the South is continuing. Police are going free despite evidence. Mothers, uncles, siblings, and children have pressed on to demand punishment for the murder of their loved ones. While the movement has died down, these courageous efforts continue with determination even as videos are withhold and courts declared police have qualified immunity. Building Bridges has brought together in struggle and mutual support families devastated but fighting on. Folks in our area need to step up to show your support, love and join their struggles as families come forward on Nov. 4th to speak their truth. .Please post and share this event widely and join us that day.


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