Puerto Rico: FBI hands off Cuba solidarity activists!

Photo: Prensa Latina

The president of the Cuba Solidarity Committee (CSC) of Puerto Rico, Milagros Rivera, denounces the intimidation operation unleashed by federal agents through calls and visits to various members of the committee and members of the Juan Rius Rivera Brigade.

Alleging that they were investigating the Cuba Solidarity Committee, they tried to find out details about the committee’s spokeswoman and the recent trip to Cuba made by the brigade under the category of various types of support for the Cuban people. The brigade delivered medical donations for the control of COVID to hospitals on its tour of the country, as well as cultural and educational exchanges with the people.

From the early hours of the morning of this Tuesday, August 20, agents who identified themselves as from the FBI visited more than a dozen brigade members and friends of solidarity in different parts of the island, alleging an investigation against the CSC, its president and the solidarity militancy.

They reached the height that in the case of a family they indicated that they would summon their daughters for having accompanied their parents on the trip.

The CSC calls on the authorities to stop criminalizing the efforts made by the brigade where humanitarian aid campaigns are essential and exchanges with the Cuban people are fundamental. Relations between Cuba and Puerto Rico are centuries old and this operation will not stop them or intimidate us.

We instruct the FBI to invest its resources in persecuting the criminal mafia in the country, the corrupt, and investigating the political assassinations that they continue to cover up today, such as Carlos Muñiz Varela and Filiberto Ojeda Ríos, perpetrated by themselves.

The CSC expresses that no militant, brigade member or supportive friend has to dialogue with the FBI. If they have any accusation, contact the lawyers who will be supporting us.

If they want to put on a media show at times like the one we are experiencing, we warn that the empire will never be able to block solidarity.

We urge the press and social media to investigate this aggression by the FBI against our young people and people who are in solidarity with the Cuban people and with all just causes of humanity.

We request friendly organizations to express themselves against this new abuse by the FBI.  Never forget.

Milagros Rivera
CSC President
San Juan, Puerto Rico, Aug. 23, 2022

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