Bad Bunny

Bad Bunny

Bad Bunny’s three concert series in Puerto Rico took place this week. The first day he performed at the Coliseo Agrelot, he filled it to capacity and broadcasted simultaneously in 13 venues across the island, in addition to a local TV station.

And, why do I touch on this subject, what political importance does this have?

Although Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio, the Bad Bunny, has been an international sensation, it is here, in his homeland, where his influence on the youth has more relevance. And also the most diverse and even hateful opinions of those who cannot get out of their stultified and hypocritical concepts about language and sexuality.

The fact that one might not agree with his language full of obscene words, does not hide the power of his denunciations. Here it is not a question of analyzing his musical qualities, but of evaluating the depth of his message about the current reality. He uses the colloquial language of the Puerto Rican streets, without ambiguity, and goes straight to the point. It contrasts with the obscenity in the performance of the colonial governments and in particular the current failed government of Pierluisi, and the Fiscal Control Board, who with their finer words are committing genocide against the people.

The defiant words and attire of Bad Bunny resonate with a youth fed up with government corruption and oppression and a society spiraling into a colonial abyss. This generation of young people is the one that is trying, with tooth and nail to defend our beaches, our lands, developing agricultural sustainability. Defending their rights of gender expression.

And as Bad Bunny has said, “We have to break up with the idea that gringos are gods… No, papi”.

For Radio Clarín of Colombia, speaking Berta Joubert-Ceci.

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