Washington, D.C.: People’s State of the Nation Address 2022, July 23

SATURDAY, JULY 23, 2022 AT 3:00 PM EDT
People’s State of the Nation Address 2022
Dupont Cir NW, Washington, DC

Join the DMV Filipino community, community organizations, and allies on July 23 as we take to the streets for the People’s State of the Nation Address (PSONA)! Every year, millions of people mobilize across the Philippines and around the world as the nation’s president gives the inaugural State of the Nation Address, spewing lies and empty promises about the true state of our nation.

This year, PSONA is especially important because it will be the first one in the return of the corrupt and dictatorial Marcos regime. Ferdinand Marcos Jr., also known as “Bong Bong”, is the son of the fascist dictator Ferdinand Marcos Sr. who ruled the Philippines for 21 years from 1965-1986, extrajudicially killing and torturing thousands while stealing billions from the Filipino people. On top of these crimes, he also institutionalized forced migration and bowed to US imperialist interests to rob our country’s wealth instead of serving our ordinary people, all of this committed during the Martial Law Era.

However, all of these crimes came to an end with the rise of the People’s Power Revolution, which ousted the corrupt Ferdinand Marcos. Now another one is needed, as this past May, Ferdinand “Bong Bong” Marcos Jr and Sara Duterte, the children of these fascist dictators and political dynasties who keep abusing the Philippines, stole the election through vote manipulation, corruption, historical revisionism and spreading misinformation about their families’ true legacies of murder and theft. Without a doubt, they will continue the legacies of their fathers unless we say no more.
We are calling you to join us in the streets as we REJECT the US-Marcos II Regime and call for genuine democracy in the Philippines. The march will start at 3pm in Dupont Circle on July 23rd. There will also be cultural performances, food, and unity as we fervently chant never again to Martial Law!

If you are interested in supporting our work, volunteering for a committee, or getting involved in general, please email anakbayan.wdc@gmail.com or DM us. We are also requesting donations to cover costs for materials, which you can send via venmo to @AnakbayanDC – any amount is appreciated.

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