Baltimore protest demands justice for Jayland Walker

SLL photo: Sharon Black

Baltimore, July 9 – The Peoples Power Assembly held a protest demanding justice for Jayland Walker — gunned down in a hail of 60+ bullets by Akron, Ohio, cops —  at the Douglas Homes Projects as part of a call by the National Alliance Against Racism and Political Repression.

Rev. Annie Chambers, who is a PPA leader and the co-chair of Welfare Rights Union, opened the rally with a clear call for an end to police terror. Joyce Butler, PPA radio host and organizer with the Unemployed Workers Union, spoke on how the killing impacted her family; Ian Schlakman connected the increased police terror with the war on Russia and economic hardship in the surrounding community. Andre Powell led the group in counting out the 60 bullets that struck Jayland Walker, noting that 90 bullets were fired.

The rally was held at the site of Peoples Power Assembly food distributions. Chambers resides at Douglas Homes and is an organizer against the privatization of public housing. The surrounding area is being gentrified by John Hopkins Hospital in East Baltimore. 

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