U.S. proxy war: Ukraine targets civilians in Donetsk

Struggle-La Lucha is publishing these dispatches from Katya A., an organizer of the Aurora Women’s Club in Donetsk, capital of the Donetsk People’s Republic. She writes daily about the ongoing targeting of civilians and infrastructure by the U.S.-armed Ukrainian military. Follow her Telegram channel for regular updates.

Today, as for the last eight years, the U.S. corporate media completely ignores Ukraine’s genocidal war on the Donbass republics. Russia’s military intervention in Ukraine at the request of Donetsk and Lugansk aims to end these attacks, which have cost more than 14,000 lives since 2014.

Donetsk, May 30: Yesterday, four civilians were killed in Makeevka and Donetsk as a result of Ukrainian shelling. Twenty people were wounded. 

A woman my age was killed very close to where I live. She was standing on the balcony at the time of the shelling. In Leninsky district an elderly woman was killed. A shell completely destroyed the house where she lived.

I don’t even want to write about damage to houses and civil infrastructure. Shells flew even into areas of Donetsk that everyone thought were safe. It was impossible to sleep at night: “UFOs” were being shot down over the city, and explosions were constantly heard.  

And this photo shows a crater from a 155mm shell fired from an M777 SAU over the Budennovskiy district of Donetsk. 

I want to say hello to all the leftists who are calling for more weapons to be supplied to Ukraine. The “defenders” use it like this. And when they started supplying weapons to Ukraine, I understood that all these gifts would be flying at the inhabitants of the republics. I have no illusions about these soldiers. 

The shelling, by the way, continues.

Arrivals in the center of Donetsk.

I once participated in a competition at this school. And today shells flew here. There are dead and wounded.

May 31: The Ukrainian Armed Forces fired on the 15th hospital, which is located in the Petrovsky district of Donetsk. It is in this hospital that about a hundred Ukrainian military prisoners are being treated. 

Such friendly fire.

Consequences of the morning shelling of Yasinovataya. Since 2014, this small town has suffered greatly from shelling. Now every day there is news of more dead, wounded and destruction.

Here is what Igor Gomolsky writes:

“As a result of the shelling of Makeevka, a five-year-old girl was killed. Not just dead, but murdered. Do not mix apples and oranges.

“I have heard different versions about the shelling in recent days. Ukrainians, for example, believe that the Armed Forces of Ukraine simply do not know how to use imported weapons. 

“But these attacks differ from those that have been conducted since Feb. 24, and all these years, only in their arrogance, intensity and breadth of scope. 

“Somehow it ‘coincides’ that the shelling starts precisely at hours when there are many people on the streets. We, for example, were bombarded today from half past eight, when people are going to work en masse. Or it’s midday on weekends, when people are getting out to get some air. Or evening rush hour. 

“And there is not a single green piece of iron [military equipment] in the immediate vicinity of the shelled quarters. Someone says: ‘No, but what if there was something a couple of kilometers away?’ Any kind of war crime can be justified. 

“But this is not what I wanted to say. In fact, to that piece of scum that pathetically calls itself ‘the whole civilized world,’ this murdered girl is a legitimate target. 

“We can and should inform the average citizen of Europe about the war crimes of Kiev, but it makes no sense to knock on the door of the media or politicians with this information. This is not the first time in recent history that the so-called Western world has legalized terror.”

Katya A. is an organizer of the Aurora Women’s Club and a longtime resident of Donetsk.

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