John Parker reports from front line in Lugansk

John Parker on the front line in Lugansk, May 6. SLL photo

May 7 – Yesterday we were at the current front line in the Lugansk People’s Republic. We were successful and got lots of interviews from folks who are in shelters who have nowhere else to go because of the bombings of their homes by the U.S.-armed Ukrainian forces.

You can see many apartment buildings bombed and hear stories of people’s shock at seeing Ukrainian soldiers shooting at civilians, who are mostly Russian, but not all. One woman told us that she is of Ukrainian ethnicity but denounces what the Ukrainian government is doing. Everyone I spoke to said that if it wasn’t for the Russian soldiers there, they may not even be alive.

While we were downstairs where people were gathered for their protection, a shell was lodged at another apartment near us. You can hear the booms of bombs so frequently it becomes like white noise.

And, given the nature of many of the Ukrainian troops in the Azov regiment, Right Sector and other neo-Nazi groupings that are in many cases leading the military – given that – perhaps the phrase “white noise” is very appropriate.

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