Borotba: Fighting fascism is the duty of everyone on the planet

Statement by Borotba (Struggle), a revolutionary Marxist organization banned in Ukraine since 2014. Translated for Struggle-La Lucha by Greg Butterfield.

May 9 marks the 77th anniversary of the Day of Victory over Nazi Germany.

Almost a century separates us from those events. However, right now we see what a colossal impact they continue to have on the entire world community.

World War II didn’t just start. It didn’t come out of nowhere. A tangle of contradictions in international politics led to it, which they didn’t try to untie by diplomatic means, but to cut with the help of war.

The reasons that divided the world into supporters of the ideas of Nazism and anti-fascists more than 80 years ago still exist today. Western corporations and finance capital, which for many years armed Hitler, created a combat-ready army in order to send it against those from whom they felt threatened: the Soviet Union.

Now we see exactly the same thing: Western transnational corporations and financial capital over the past 8 years have been very intensively creating an army of Nazis, supporters of white supremacy, in order to direct it against Russia. More than 120,000 well-motivated fighters, pumped up with far-right propaganda, were gathered at the borders of the Lugansk and Donetsk People’s Republics (LPR and DPR), preparing to kill the peaceful civilians of Donbass and Crimea, just like their predecessors in 1941.

However, this was not allowed to happen.

Today, speaking about the process of denazification, it is important to understand the causes that led to the world war 80 years ago, and which still exist in the world.

It is important to realize that in Ukraine, it is not Russia that is fighting against Ukraine, but two political currents fighting: anti-fascists and Nazis. That is why thousands of far-right militants from all over the planet wearing runes and swastikas poured into Ukraine. That is why we see stripes with a hammer and sickle on the soldiers of the Russian special forces, and red flags of Victory on the tanks.

We want to appeal to our brothers and sisters from other countries of the world:

Comrades! Know this! In Ukraine, we are fighting, including against your enemies. Against those who came from your hometowns. Against the Nazis of America and Georgia, against the far right from Poland and Sweden. Against those trained by Spanish and Lithuanian instructors.

We know that the future of all humanity is being decided in Ukraine today!

And we urge you not to be silent!

May 9 is the Day of Victory over fascism! On this day, we call on everyone to take to the squares of your cities to pay tribute to the anti-fascists of Spain who died in the battles against Franco, the Italian partisans who fought against Mussolini! To the Greek People’s Liberation Front (ELAS) fighters, anti-fascists from the People’s Liberation Army of Yugoslavia! To the prisoners of concentration camps and the participants in the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising!

We call for rallies in memory of those who did not give up! In memory of Ernst Thälmann, Aris Velouchiotis, Bruno Buozzi, Jean Moulin and millions of others who died at the hands of Nazism!

Today, like 80 years ago, the world is divided into two halves: supporters of Nazism and their opponents. We know you are on the right side!

Show it to everyone on May 8 or 9, 2022, by going to the main square of your city with red flags and St. George’s ribbons raised high!

We will win!

Source: Borotba

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