‘Ukraine refuses peaceful solution to Donbass conflict’

Struggle-La Lucha received this message from a collective of communists in Donetsk, capital of the Donetsk People’s Republic, about the danger of U.S, NATO and Ukrainian military intervention against Russia and Donbass.

Despite the fact that the conflict is presented as a Ukrainian-Russian conflict, one should look at the situation more globally. 

The current situation can be assessed as an information war against Russia. Information attacks are a way of pressuring Russia and forcing it to make concessions. There is intimidation with sanctions and military presence: If Ukraine provokes Russia, and Russia responds, the West threatens its participation in the conflict.

If you look at the broader background, there is a redistribution of the energy market. The U.S. has seen that exporting energy resources is profitable. And this information war is provoking a rise in energy prices. 

Spreading disinformation about Russia is a tool to strengthen the right wing, both in Europe and in Ukraine itself. It increases the possibility of an escalation of the war in Donbass. And it gives capital the opportunity to exploit right-wing sentiment around the world. 

Ukraine methodically refuses a peaceful solution to the Donbass conflict. In addition, this propaganda distracts attention from socio-economic problems. 

Against the backdrop of the pressure, arms sales to Ukraine are increasing.

Moreover, the war does not stop in Donbass, although the media, which are engaged in the escalation, ignore this fact. And for us there is a prospect that such aggravation can lead to an escalation of the war. 

Information warfare and media pressure are affecting the psychological state of people in Donbass, exacerbating anxiety, which is already provoked by economic problems and the situation with COVID. It is in the interest of the residents of Donbass to begin the peace process.

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