Washington, D.C.: Stop the killings! Pass the Philippines Human Rights Act now, Nov. 18

THURSDAY, NOV. 18,  AT 3 PM – 5 PM
Stop the Killings! Pass the Philippine Human Rights Act Now!
National Mall and Memorial Parks

What is the Tsinelas Action?

On November 18th, 2021, organizers from the Coalition for the Philippine Human Rights Act will lay out 3,000 “Tsinelas,” the tagalog word for sandals or flip flops, out on the national mall by 3rd Street across Union Square to represent the 30,000 killings under Duterte.

At 3 PM, we will host a rally to demand the passage of H.R. 3884 Philippine Human Rights Act.

Why are we doing the Tsinelas Action?

Despite the well documented and widespread human rights violations of the Duterte regime in the Philippines, The United States government has continued to provide millions of dollars of military aid and approve billions of dollars of arms sales to the Philippine government. Given the number of killings and the repression under the current regime in the Philippines, it would be a moral failure of the United States to continue to give military aid to the Philippines while such human rights violations continue.

For more information about the Philippine Human Rights Act you can visit at www.humanrightsph.org

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