Stop the U.S. economic war on Cuba! End the U.S. blockade now!

To the Honorable President Miguel Diaz-Canal and the Government of the Cuban People:

The Socialist Unity Party, based in the United States, sends our deepest solidarity to the Cuban people and renews our commitment to ending the criminal U.S. blockade that seeks to strangle the Cuban people in an effort to dismember, control and create chaos.

Cuba has remained a beacon of hope for people around the world who cherish peace and justice.  The perseverance and spirit of the Cuban people and it’s government continues to shine bright.

For those of us living in the Belly of the Beast, the U.S. blockade is a cruel reminder that our government does not want us to see the gains of Cuba, including free medical care, education and social programs, that have been stripped in the United States.

There are no words to describe what Cuba means and symbolizes for us.  It shows that another world is possible.

We will not rest until the U.S. war on Cuba is ended.

The Pentagon and the wealthy corporate rulers in the United States would like to plunder and exploit Cuba again.  This is not possible.  We pledge that we will join the Cuban people in saying no!  End the U.S. blockade now.

Socialist Unity Party, USA
John Parker and Sharon Black, West Coast and East Coast coordinators

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