Protest in Miami in support of Alex Saab

“Free Alex Saab!’

Members of the Bolivarian Circle in Miami and Trokia Kollective chant “free Alex Saab” outside Miami’s Clyde Atkins Courthouse on Monday, Nov 1st – the day originally scheduled for Venezuelan Diplomat Alex Saab’s arraignment. Despite the disappointing delay of his arraignment to November 15th, his supporters are energized as they stand witness outside Ambassador Saab’s prison, the Miami Federal Detention Center (FDC). They are resolute in their commitment to Diplomat Saab for breaking through the crippling illegal U.S. unilateral economic sanctions imposed on the people of Venezuela.

Reportedly, the arraignment was postponed at the request of one of his lawyers, Henry Bell, since Diplomat Saab is “quarantined” from meeting with them in person. Ambassador Saab’s worldwide supporters are concerned with each day he spends incommunicado – knowing the brutality and inhumanity of the United States prison system – especially for political prisoners who are often set in prolonged solitary confinement. Additionally, statements made that the U.S. seeks to “extract sensitive information” from Ambassador Saab is alarming given the CIA’s gruesome track record of psychological and physical torture.

“Forbes uses the euphemism under pressure by US prison authorities as the means to force Saab to shed light on Venezuela’s post-sanction economic network. Saab already reports that his surrogate captors in Cabo Verde, have unsuccessfully employed torture to try to break his will and induce him to betray Venezuela.”

While other inmates at the Miami Federal Detention Center (FDC) prepare for arraignments on murder, drugs, human trafficking, and weapon charges, Ambassador Saab awaits arraignment for providing food and medicine to Venezuela’s impoverished. And it is particularly galling that U.S. unilateral economic sanctions are a root cause of foreign poverty and used to justify and conceal the theft of foreign assets by U.S. “dealer” banks through the Federal Reserve System.

Source: tortilla con sal

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