Stop the racist deportations: Haitian refugee crisis made in the USA

The Haiti Action Committee denounces the inhumane and racist deportation of Haitian refugees from the US-Mexico border, where thousands of people are living in terrible, even deadly, conditions, and are being systematically deported by the Biden Administration. This is a crime.

Why are Haitians at the border in the first place? Many fled Haiti years ago as it descended into terror following the U.S.-orchestrated coup against Haiti’s democratically elected president, Jean-Bertrand Aristide, in 2004. Following the coup many left the country in the wake of the disastrous UN occupation that shattered the economy and brought about a massive cholera epidemic. Many came from Brazil and Chile, where they had been recruited for low-wage labor after the earthquake of 2010, and then forced out when no longer needed.

Now, the United States government, which bears such great responsibility for this migration, is loading up plane after plane for deportation to Haiti. This takes place at a moment when a series of U.S.-backed dictatorships, imposed through rigged elections, have looted the country and weaponized death squads to attack and terrorize the population.

Add to this the recent earthquake in Haiti, which killed over 2200 people and left hundreds of thousands without shelter, devastating the southern peninsula of the country. Haiti does not have the capacity to absorb huge numbers of refugees, yet the Biden Administration is determined to deport thousands of people without regard to due process or to the dangers that they will face upon return.

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