New York rally stands with Zimbabwe against imperialist sanctions

Photo: Omowale Clay

Demonstrators gathered across from the United Nations on Saturday, Sept. 18, to welcome Zimbabwe’s delegates to the United Nations and demand an end to U.S. sanctions on that African country. The U.S., Britain and other imperialist powers have been sanctioning Zimbabwe since the revolutionary government there took stolen land back from British settlers and returned it to African people.

The rally was organized by the December 12 Movement, which has long organized solidarity with Zimbabwe in the United States. It was joined by members of the U.S. section of ZANU-PF, the party that led Zimbabwe’s freedom struggle against colonialism and white settler rule and still governs Zimbabwe today. Freedom for Africa, which represents West Africans fighting the continued plunder of their countries by French imperialism, also joined the demonstration. Representatives of Struggle for Socialism – La Lucha por el Socialismo and the Socialist Unity Party also participated.

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