Aug. 23: Shut down DC: Defend the climate, Stop Line 3

It’s now or never. If we stand idly by, the Line 3 tar sands oil pipeline will be completed *this month*. By December, it is slated to pump 193 million tons of CO2 into our atmosphere. Every year. For half a century. Its climate impact would be on par with Keystone, or 50 new coal plants. It violates the treaty rights of Indigenous nations and threatens the fresh water of 18 million people in 10 states who rely on the Mighty Mississippi.

So we’re taking direct action in DC.

From Selma, To Serbia, To Standing Rock… mass, civil resistance can shake the public awake and change political reality.

Thousands of bold water protectors have already put their bodies on the line to stop line 3, braving tear gas, rubber bullets, solitary confinement, and other acts of brutality. We must make sure their voices are being heard in DC. We must come together for a nonviolent uprising to Stop Line 3 and compel our politicians to treat the impending climate collapse with the urgency it deserves.

On August 23rd, that’s what we’ll do.

We will engage in direct action in DC to bring the cries of Water Protectors and Mother Earth straight to Biden’s door and demand his administration defend our climate, water, and Indigenous treaty rights.

We’ll tell it like it is: Biden betrayed us.

Our so-called climate president sits back as Enbridge builds the pipeline, violates treaties, and violently assault water protectors with rubber bullets.

Biden’s Army Corps has full authority to cancel the permits — or simply pause them for the needed federal environmental impact study — but has so far failed to do so.

We must put maximum pressure on them to act now, before Enbridge finishes constructing this human rights catastrophe, ecological crisis and climate bomb.

On August 23, we will converge in Washington. We’re done with hollow promises and empty words. We need action.

When we picture the pristine, treaty-protected land of 10,000 lakes in northern Minnesota, here is what we don’t imagine:

Birds flying through wildfire-choked skies. Beavers damming the last drops of water. Endangered mussels baking on the dry riverbed of our once mighty Mississippi, drained to dust by historic drought and Enbridge’s illegal pumping. Sacred wild rice poisoned by toxic frac outs. All so that a Canadian multinational can build the last tar sands pipeline through our precious lands, polluting 40% of our freshwater and poisoning our skies.

This action is in solidarity with the mass action taking place two days later at the Minnesota state Capitol.

If you can’t make it to DC or St. Paul please plan a solidarity action in your community, letting President Biden know we will not tolerate completion of Line 3.

Bring your righteous anger. Bring love and solidarity. Bring a sleeping bag – just in case. And if you feel called to the frontlines now, visit this site to plan your trip.

We need you now



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