Philadelphia: MOVE Day of Remembrance to Honor the Lives Lost, May 13

MOVE Day of Remembrance to Honor the Lives Lost
6221 Osage Ave, Philadelphia

May 13, 1985 changed the city of Philadelphia forever.

On this day, Philadelphia police dropped a military grade bomb on members of the MOVE organization living at 6221 Osage Ave. Eleven Black men, women and children were murdered after police ordered fire fighters to “let the fire burn” & shot MOVE members back into the home as they tried to escape. The violent attack came after over a decade of police violence & repression of MOVE activists, including the MOVE 9 who were political prisoners for 40 years. A Black neighborhood was destroyed in the process.

On the 36th anniversary, join The MOVE Family at the Osage Avenue and Cobbs Creek Parkway for a day of remembrance to honor the lives of MOVE victims lost to this horrific act of police terrorism.

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