Brooklyn, NY: Defend Palestine! Stand with Palestinians resisting in Sheik Jarrah, May 8

Defend Palestine! Stand with Palestinians resisting in Sheik Jarrah
Saturday, May 8th @ 4:00 pm
7114 5th Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11209
On May 8th, organizations across the U.S. are holding actions in support of Sheikh Jarrah, from NYC to Chicago and beyond.
Join Within Our Lifetime this Saturday, May 8th as we take to the streets in Brooklyn to raise our voices in defense of the Palestinian Right to Resist and in support of the ongoing struggle in Sheik Jarrah.
We will be gathering in Bay Ridge at 4:00 pm for a Speak Out in support of the Palestinians in Sheik Jarrah in Jerusalem who continue to fight back against zionist settlers and occupation forces in the face of imminent eviction and ethnic cleansing. Following the Speak Out, we will be doing outreach and sign-making for Nakba Day which is the following Saturday on May 15th.
In recent days, Palestinians in Sheik Jarrah have confronted the zionist enemy with only fists and flags in hand, in defense of their homes and their land.
As long as Palestinians live under zionist colonization and cannot return, we must continue to resist with everything we have from wherever we are.
Tomorrow, May 6th, the illegitimate zionist courts are expected to issue a ruling to decide if the evictions of four Palestinian families ordered by a lower court are upheld, or if the families can appeal. Regardless of tomorrow’s ruling, Palestinians in Sheik Jarrah and throughout Palestine will continue to fight back. And so we must, too.
#DefendPalestine #FreePalestine #WithinOurLifetime  #SaveSheikhJarrah

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