After Chauvin verdict: No letup in the fight against police terror!

Russ Mack (left) at May Day rally in Baltimore.

On April 20, Minneapolis cop Derek Chauvin was found guilty of murdering 46-year-old George Floyd in cold blood outside a store last year. Of course, we all knew he was guilty; we saw the video.

People across the country — and around the world — watched in horror and outrage as Chauvin, hands in pockets, continued to kneel on Floyd’s neck, even after it was clear that Floyd had no intention of resisting arrest.

Chauvin was obviously enjoying himself. Why else would he keep Floyd in such a dangerous position even after he pleaded with Chauvin, telling the cop he couldn’t breathe and crying for his mother between pained gasps?

Why else would he ignore the increasingly desperate crowd at the scene, who were practically begging Chauvin to ease up before Floyd, who hadn’t moved in minutes, was murdered? And all over a supposed counterfeit $20 bill.

Tragically, this sort of state-sanctioned lynching is nothing new. Black people have been hunted down and killed in this country since its inception. That’s why we have been fighting to demand justice and put an end to racist police violence and murder for so long.

Chauvin may be behind bars, but he has yet to be sentenced. It is imperative that the charges stick, and that he gets the maximum possible sentence for lynching George Floyd.

We will continue to fight for all lives that are taken and endangered so cruelly.

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