Firm, absolute condemnation of fraudulent qualification of Cuba as a state sponsor of terrorism

Photo: Bill Hackwell

Statement from Cuba’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs

January 12, 2021

The Ministry of Foreign Relations of Cuba condemns in the strongest and most absolute terms the fraudulent qualification of Cuba as a state sponsor of terrorism, announced by the United States government in a cynical and hypocritical act.

For months now, there has been speculation about the possibility of including Cuba in the State Department’s unilateral list that categorizes countries, without any authority or legitimacy, lacking genuine motivation, referring to terrorism and its consequences, and as an instrument of defamation to justify coercive economic measures against nations that resist bowing to the whims of U.S. imperialism.

The announcement made by Secretary of State Michael Pompeo is a superb act by a government that is discredited, dishonest and morally bankrupt. It is known, without a doubt, that the true motivation for this action is to impose additional obstacles to any prospect of recovery in the bilateral relations between Cuba and the United States.

Cuba is not a state sponsor of terrorism, a truth recognized by all. The official and well-known policy, and the impeccable conduct of our country, is the rejection of terrorism in all its forms and manifestations, particularly state terrorism, by whomever, against whomever and wherever it is committed.

Cuba is a victim of state terrorism and our population has suffered it firsthand, at the cost of 3,478 fatalities and 2,099 disabling injuries, due to acts committed by the United States government or perpetrated and sponsored from the country’s territory, with the tolerance of official authorities. Cubans repudiate with contempt any maneuver meant to manipulate such a sensitive issue, for crude purposes of political opportunism.

Havana, January 11, 2021

Source: Minrex / Resumen

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