Celebrate the Cuban Revolution: Jan 1 Film Screening

Friday, January 1, 2021 at 6:00 PM EST

Online Event

“Solidarity with Cuba – End the U.S. Blockade”
Film Screening “Cuba & COVID 19 Public Health, Science and Solidarity”
Start the New Year with an inspiring film & discussion on what is possible when people’s needs are put before profits.

Friday, January 1, 6 pm Eastern Time, 3 pm West Coast

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Celebrate the January 1 anniversary of the victory of the Cuban revolution in 1959. Dictator Fulgencio Batista fled the country on December 31, 1958 and the 26th of July Movement declared victory. This day is also known as Liberation Day (Triunfo de la Revolución) and is commemorated every year in Cuba.

We will be holding a screening of the new film

“Cuba & COVID 19 Public Health, Science and Solidarity”

Let’s watch it together then join us for presentations and discussion.

Special introduction by:

John Parker is a national organizer for the Socialist Unity Party/ Partido de Socialismo Unido and lives in Southcentral Los Angeles. California has the unfortunate distinction of leading the U.S. in COVID cases.

Cheryl LaBash, one of the co-chairs of the National Network on Cuba, just returned from Cuba. The NNOC and the Canadian Network on Cuba initiated the Saving Lives Campaign to confront the pandemic by organizing for medical and scientific collaboration with Cuba..

Both are contributing writers for “Struggle La Lucha”.

Following the film screening we will hear short reports from our two speakers and open the floor to questions and comment.

From the description of the film:

A global pandemic in a globalized world. Over one million people have died. What could we have done differently to save lives and livelihoods? In search of collective solutions and best practice, Dr Helen Yaffe and Dr Valia Rodriguez look to Cuba for valuable lessons. By reacting decisively, mobilizing their extensive public healthcare system and state-owned biotech sector, Cuba has kept contagion and fatalities down and begun over a dozen clinical trials for COVID-19 treatments and vaccines. They have also treated Covid-19 patients and saved lives overseas. Within seven months of the pandemic, Cuba had sent nearly 4,000 medical specialists to 39 countries. This has been achieved despite the Trump administration severely tightening sanctions against Cuba, blocking revenues and generating scarcities of oil, food and medical goods.

Cuba & Covid-19: Public Health, Science and Solidarity is produced by DaniFilms in collaboration with Belly of the Beast Cuba. The film premiered early December and is an hour long.

So make your popcorn and join us as we collectively get inspired for the new year.

Register HERE https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_RhY0lvuaQdOOfSEFnShrqA

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