Rudy Giuliani, the thug-in-charge of stealing the election for Trump

After the death of Amadou Diallo, in February 1999, protesters gathered on Wall Street.

Most of the media are laughing at Rudy Giuliani. The racist clown deserves it.

He’s been exposed as a greedy pig who wants to charge Trump’s reelection campaign $20,000 per day for his dubious legal services.    

Giuliani’s Nov. 7 Philadelphia news conference — sandwiched between a porno bookstore and a crematorium — became a national joke. His loopy claims of voter fraud in an election that Trump lost by six million votes are being ridiculed. 

None of this makes Giuliani any less dangerous. He’s attempting to have the votes of Black, Latinx and Indigenous peoples in Detroit, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and other cities thrown out. 

Make no mistake about it: Trump is attempting to overturn the election with Giuliani as his thug-in-charge.

Trump called Monica Palmer — who’s on the Wayne County, Mich., Board of Canvassers — and pressed her to reject the hundreds of thousands of votes cast in Detroit and surrounding communities. 

Trump also summoned Republican members of Michigan’s Legislature to the White House on Nov. 20. The plot is to have them nominate pro-Trump electors to the Electoral College despite Trump losing the state by 153,000 votes.

This is reminiscent of Trump’s June 1st coup attempt. That’s when he marched from the White House with the Pentagon brass. Tear gas and stun grenades were used to clear demonstrators from Lafayette Park.

Trump wanted to invoke the Insurrection Act — which was passed in 1807 to suppress revolts of enslaved Africans — to crush the Black Lives Matter movement. The millions of people on the streets stopped Trump from declaring martial law.

Another coup attempt is happening right now. The people must stop it.

Two media creations

Both Giuliani and Trump were made national figures by the capitalist media. NBC gave Trump his own TV show.

This wasn’t just a matter of publicity. Trump used the $427 million he collected from NBC to cover his real estate and casino losses.

The same newspapers and magazines that are now mocking Giuliani were for years his biggest cheerleaders. They ignored his racist campaign to defeat David Dinkins, who was the only Black mayor New York City has ever had.

Declaring Giuliani to be “mayor of the world,” Time magazine named him “person of the year” in 2001. The New York Times endorsed Giuliani when he ran for reelection in 1997.

Giuliani bragged that he drove 640,000 poor people off welfare programs in New York City. 

Giuliani said it would be “a good thing” if poor people “left the city.” According to him, pushing poor people out of town was “not an unspoken part of our strategy; it is our strategy.” 

Giuliani gave a green light to police terror. Two of his volunteer bodyguards in his 1993 mayoral campaign — police detectives Patrick Bosnan and James Crowe — killed Anthony Rosario and Hilton Vega on Jan. 12, 1995. The two cousins were shot 28 times. Most of the bullets were in their backs.

Amadou Diallo was killed on Feb. 4, 1999, by New York cops firing 41 shots at the unarmed African immigrant. Patrick Dorismond was also unarmed when he was killed on March 16, 2000, for saying no to drugs. The Haitian father of two children spurned an undercover cop who profiled him and tried to sell him drugs.

Giuliani’s cops attacked Dorismond’s funeral. Among the 27 people arrested in Brooklyn’s Haitian Community was an 80-year-old man.

Both Trump and Giuliani have a special hatred for Haitian people. So does the world capitalist class, which never forgave the Haitian people for overthrowing their slave masters. 

When Giuliani was the No.3 man in Reagan’s Justice Department, he had Haitian immigrants jailed at the Krome concentration camp near Miami.

The New York 8+ defeated Giuliani

As a U.S. district attorney, Giuliani organized the 1984 attempted frame-up of the New York 8+. Five hundred cops and federal agents staged terror raids in New York City’s Black communities to round up the defendants.

Coltrane Chimurenga, Viola Plummer, Ruth Carter, Omowale Clay, Yvette Kelley, Jose Rios, Robert Taylor and Roger Wareham faced fantastic charges of conspiring to rob banks and Brinks’ trucks, and to stage jailbreaks. Even their political activity was claimed by the government to be a violation of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act.

This frame-up was part of the Reagan administration’s drive to crush all liberation movements. Eight grand juries were held in an attempt to get around rules that spouses can’t be forced to testify against each other. Giuliani hoped to force spouses to give lying testimony on the other defendants instead.

But this tactic blew up in Giuliani’s face. People went to jail instead of becoming lying snitches. It’s to recognize these courageous grand jury resisters that this case is called the New York 8 “plus.”

The power of the people will defeat Giuliani and Trump!

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